Monday, May 24, 2010

Minis: Light Box & NMM

I made myself a lightbox from scratch, and it's definitely improved the photos of my minis.

Lightbox: A cardboard box, preferably as square as possible. Cut out "windows" (leave 2 inches from window to edge of side) on all 4 sides, cut out the top completely, leave the bottom untouched. Cut up 2 inch long stripes of white paper and glued it to the insides of the box, including the bottom. Tape the sides and back "windows" with a white plastic garbage bag. The front is left open to shoot pictures from. The top is covered with an old piece of cut-up white t-shirt. Shining through the top fabric is a clip-on desk lamp with a 60 watt full-spectrum bulb. Then, take a longer sheet of paper and have it curve from the back towards bottom front of the box, in order for there to be a background with no "crease" in it. Take a look at the photos below with the minis, you can see some of what I mean about the box.

Newest Mini: This was my first NMM armor paint job. I am really happy with this mini, as I feel like I learned a lot painting it. Over at the Reaper forums, some of the feedback I got from fellow painters was that they didn't like my glove color selection, they would have preferred something in orange or red. The finished mini is going to keep the yellow gloves, but I have taken note of their feedback and will keep it in mind for future minis.

Reaper Mini: 02495: Sir Malbeth Blackhawk
Located at: Reaper Inspiration Gallery and CoolMiniOrNot

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